Formandos Cesmac 2013.2

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Abraço a toda galera do quinto período do Cesmac. Sempre ouço comentários que vocês visitam o Site.

Sejam também colaboradores, mandem seus resumos por email. 

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Todos agora são surdos

November 21, 2008 at 10:46 pm (Idéias)

Cegos de luxo
Cegos de miséria

Mudos de fome
Mortos de fome
Impregnados de matéria

Agora não mais nos escutam
Agora não mais nos ouvem

Agora só falam e falam e falam
E exalam um odor fétido e pútrido

Não quero mais escutar
Não quero mais falar


Agora todos são surdos
Surdos e introspectos
Dentro dos seus mundos
Seus mundos pútridos e fétidos

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Islamic fundamentalism : Whos faulty for that ? Part 2

October 14, 2008 at 2:55 am (History, Imperialism)

The Great war would start one year later, in 1914.France , Russia and England were interested in stopping the German growth, meanwhile , Austria-Hungary was trying to solve diplomatic problems with Serbia.Turkey , with Nacionalist ideas ( as seen in part one) , stayed by germans side, while the rest of the Ottoman Empire stayed with the Entente Powers.

In the end of WW1 , french and brittish dismembered the whole Ottoman Empire , creating new countries with new artificial borders.And so, mixing different nations with different religions,cultures and habits.As the leaders , they chose arabics* who were going to facilitate the european intervention in those places.The oil on the middle east is now a good reason to dominate the area.

The Palestine was a country created in a region inhabited by  arabics* and jews, wich had British influences.Arabics and Jews had too many different views and couldnt live together.Brittish ,in 1947, let UN choose the best option for what to do with country.They decided to divide Palestine in two states ,one for each people.The jews accepted , but the arabics didnt.One year later , a region inside the Palestine , Israel, considered as the “Holy  Land” for both of them was invaded by the neighbour countries, starting the first of six wars between arabics and jews.

Palestine (Arabic) Militia

In 1949 an agreement was signed , and Israel stayed with part of Jerusalem,bigger than what it was supposed to, the other part was given to Egypt and Jordan.The arabics didnt recieve their part.And untill nowadays they fight for their land.Its commom the use of terrorism attack,such as suicide bombers.

And the segregation in middle east is not over.The Cold War intensified the divergences , creating two antagonic groups:

-The monarchies countries with strong western capitalist influence ,especially, by the USA;
Ex:Saudi Arabia ; Jordan ; Morocco (Not in middle east, but just under Spain) .

-The countries supported by the Soviet Union, created by anti western revoluctions and with nacionalist ideology and socialist economy.

Ex:Egypt , Lybia , Algeria, Iraq , Afghanistan and Syria.

Communism Against Capitalism  : World’s bipolarization on Cold War

Due to its geographical position , Afghanistan has been vulnerable to invasions.Since Sec XIX , Iraq had a monarchy, which last untill 1973, when was established a dictatorship inspired on Soviet Union models, governed by Daud Khan.After the strong pressure from islamic groups supported by USA, specially Taleban, ,and lots of attempts to take the power,conflicts destroyed the country , and 2,5 millions of citizens runned 1979 , Daud Khan was killed and The USSR invaded the country , killing 15 000 russians and one million afghanistans.In the 80s , Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda’s leader , were supported by the Americans , went to Aphganistan to fight against soviets.
In 1998 , USA shot missions against Aphganistan , saying they were terrorist international centers.One year later, UN  restricted international flies and demanded that Osama Bin Laden must had been judged in an international court.4 years later , happened just what we were talking about in the beggining of Part one.

The socialist countries , specially Egypt , tried to create an unique Arabic Socialist State, but they were defeated  in 1967 , in a war against Israel, and the corruption of their leaders led them to a crisis.This crisis was the main reason for the Islamic Fundamentalistm. Where the religion is , once again , together with the state , trying to bring back the times where the Islam had power.Fundamentalist says the Islam were wrong when they adopted the western way of life.Because the western power destroyed the Islam.

Seeing the whole thing , its easy to see that fundamentalism is the feedback of the western intervention in middle east.The imperialism and the capitalism domination is responsable for the worst crisis in the history of the world.Just understanding the past, is possible to change the future and prevent the world from future catastrophies.

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Islamic fundamentalism : Whos faulty for that ? Part 1

October 13, 2008 at 7:31 pm (History, Imperialism)

Tuesday morning in New York , Two hijacked planes are intentionally crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.The hunt for season “terrorists” is opened.After 11/09 the world has changed.New methods of safety in airports.Two years later, Iraq is invaded , causing thousands of deaths.The idea of a new terrorist attack scaries the whole world.But who started the whole thing ?

Since 3 000 b.C , the Middle East has been inhabited by many civilizations :such as Egypts , Persians , Romans and many others.But it was just owned by the Islams in 637 a.D

In Sec. V the Western Roman Emperor was destroyed by the barbarian invasions,even though the Eastern one still survived for one thousand years, when they faught against the Persians.When both of them were exhausted.Muhhamed founded Islam.With political ideas completely linked to religion, there were no difference between sins and crimes.

In 632 , Muhhamed died, and the empire was divided in two.The majority supported the choice Abu Bakr ( Muhhamed’s friend and father-in-law; The others prefered Ali ibn Abu Talib ,who was Muhhamed’s cousin.From theese divisions , came two denominations of Islam : Sunni Islam ( followers of Bakr) and  Shia Islam ( followers of Ali).

In 1096,  Pope Urban II decided to get rid of the muslim domination in the “Holy Land”.There were nine cruzades.Man ,Women , childrem and elderlies were sent to Jerusalem to expel the muslims.They achieved killing thousands of Jews through the way, transforming synagogues in churches and creating a Reign.Nevertheless, in 1187, General Saladino marched with his troops to Jerusalem and accepted cruzades surrender, which allowed the return of the jews.

Some years later , the region was dominated by the Mongols.Once converted to Islam, they took Constantinopla in 1453 and expanded their territories from Africa untill Europe, creating the Ottoman Empire.For almost one thousand years the Islam was main economical and commercial power.With the Renaissance , europe recovers its economical and scientific delay ( caused by the church in middle ages).

In Sec. XVI , Spain , Portual , Austria and Russia won successives battles against Islam.In Sec. XVII , meanwhile Islam were in crisis , French Revolution caused the Industrial Revolution.In 1798, Napoleon entered in Egypt, subjecting for the first time Islam to eastern powers.

Before eastern intervention, there werent many religious problems in ottoman empire.Jews and Christian could follow their traditions and beliefs , since they paid some taxes.With the crisis, the non-muslim minorities started to be seen as guilties for the current changes.

In 1913, an extremist faction took the sultan Abdul Hamid II and decided to end the diversity on the empire.This Nacionalism was something totally new to the muslim empires.

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Evolution : Just a theory ?

October 11, 2008 at 1:16 am (Science and Religion)

In 1859 , Charles Darwin published The Origin of the Species, one of the most important books in the history of biology.It introduced the theory that living creatures evolves throgh a natural selection process.However ,there wasnt yet an explication for the variation of the creatures.Fortunately , in 1865 , Gregor Mendel shows his Genetic Inheritance Study, (Mendel Laws) which filled the blank that was missing in Darwin studies and proved the Evolution Theory.

Even though it has been proved , some religious “groups” ,such as Creationists, havent accept the idea of evolution.Hypothetically , somehow, their stupid god created the world in seven days , like it says in their magic book : the holy bible.Their excuse for evolution is because its just a theory. JUST a theory ?

In everyday speech , a theory is just a guess or a hunch, just a simple idea without any proof. Although in scientific it is totally different.In scientific usage, a theory is an expression of all previous observations.It is predictive, logical and testable.Have been through many experiences and studies.Evolution theory was indeed proved ,its not an speculation.

Anyway, as always , religion keeps fooling , trickin and hiding the truth from people. In times where religion reigned , darkness loomed everywhere.Religion has killed, hanged, tortured thousands .Sent men ,women ,children and elderlies to cruzades.It is an evil who must be banned from the world.

Religion is not based on facts or experiments.Its just based on conclusions drawed by feelings.There is just no rational reason to have a religion.Nobody has ever proved there was life after death , spirits neither gods.In times like theese, theres no more places to mythological stories.

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CC : The Capitalism Crisis

October 8, 2008 at 2:38 am (Capitalism)

Even though the modern capitalism started with the first industrial revolution ( late Sec. XVIII early Sec. XIV ) , the idea of the private property institution, exchanging products for money and even banks ( and slavery ) can be found in ancient civilizations , like Romans.Capitalism has destroyed cultures , unemployed people and spread poverty all over the world.

Even though the modern capitalism started with the first industrial revolution ( late Sec. XVIII early Sec. XIV ) , the idea of the private property institution, exchanging products for money and even banks ( and slavery ) can be found in ancient civilizations , like Romans.Capitalism has destroyed cultures , unemployed people and spread poverty all over the world.

Having an  economy strictly based on the idea of making profit,consuming and reducing the production costs leads capitalism on a Vicious Circle with a peak and a decay.

Those decays may be named as “Crisis”, which provides an endless feedback loop. The 1929’s great deppression of NY stock market is a good example.

USA since industrial revolution had its economy growth by selling manufactured products to europe.
After WWI , Allies European countries* ( Uk and France ) had just been into a war, their economy was weak .Once allies are not able to buy USA products ,  What is USA supposed to do with all exceeding produtcs ?

The money spent on production,injuried factories , what forced them to fire everyone and close the place.Worst part is that , many people had their money in Stock Market , which is totally connected with the factories.Conclusion :Unemployment and Poverty rised in USA.

Capitalism is an uninstable economic system.Full of social inequalities.The most important point is the individual profit, no matter what it takes.

The crisis had its end when Franklin Roosevelt, presidend of USA decided to let the state operate a bit in economy.

In capitalism, the state is confined to defining the basic laws of market, besides that, there is the idea free trading.It becomes a challenge, the one who can produce the best product with the lower price wins.It doesnt matter if you stole the raw material from a poor country , used children as workers or polluted rivers.

But with this crisis , the intervention of the state was the only solution.A sequence of programs , called New Deal , was responsable for this recovery in economy.His main  goals was giving work to the unemployed and a reform on business and finacial practices.He wasnt worried about health, education or seccurance.He was just trying to give end the unemployment, so people can work , have money and buy.Buying is a keyword in capitalism.

So, USA had once again a growth of economy, like i said before , its peak.

But, is it worth it to have an economical system where crisis are common and unexpected ? Seems like government play cards with people’s life,  no one knows whats the next card.

Its important to infer that ’29 crisis leaded many other countries to a decay (like Germany, Canada , UK and even France ) in economy.And that Dicatorships like nazism and fascism were precceded by an economical crisis.

The crisis period of occurance is gettin shorter, the current bank crisis ( Lemons Brother for example ) in america is just another decay in the vicious circle that started almost 80 years ago.

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The New Wave Shackles

October 7, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Capitalism)

Among history the social-economic system of slavery can be found in almost all civilizations and continents.Since ancient societies untill modern Ages.

The Abolotionist movements , as the slavery system , has occured through the whole record of human history , and in some countries it was present untill Sec XVIII.

Nowadays , slavery , of course, is considered a crime , even though some kinds of contemporary ones works underground, like the Wage Slavery which occurs when a person is employed at a wage level which does not allow the worker an opportunity to leave their employer.

But the worst and wildest type of slavery, is the one u dont see the chains that are all over you.The current economical system ,called capitalism, is just some kind of “masked-slavery“.Instead of shackles, in capitalism , we are just wearing money on our wallets.At least, without the shackles the slave is free, but without the money , we are nothing.

The unique reason to end with slavery is connected in all possible ways to capitalism.Having slaves means that you have free workers, but , who is supposed to buy the products if slaves cant afford them ? That is the main reason for releasing the slaves. The necessity of the consumer.

Instead of the black man , now we have the worker who does not have the ownership of the means of production (just like the slaves ) and works only to earn money or a salary.So , with the money he can buy the products.And the owner of the means of production (The master in the slavery time ) stay with the profit.

The only difference between them is that Capitalism is an economical-social system based on the exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie ; and Slavery is an economical social system based on the exploitation of the slave by his master

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